Just Pick Up the Pencil and Write

writeI think about writing every day.  I take notes about things all the time – things that I hear, see, and experience, things that I want to write more about and expand on, things that get stuck in my head that I just want to get out.  I jot notes down on post-its, notepads, napkins, envelops, the back of my son’s school papers – anything that happens to be around when a thought pops into my head.  My purse is bulging full of all those notes!  And yet – I do not write.

I think about this blog all the time.  I think about how I used to write almost every day and how writing used to make me happy.  No offense to anyone out there reading this but I never really wrote for anyone else – just me.  Writing allows me to release the thoughts and ideas that swirl around in my brain all day – every day.  It allows me to process the emotions that stir up inside me and often times wreak havoc on my life.  Writing “frees” me – from the pain that resides in my mind.  Even as I write this, I feel a flood of calm and peace wash over me.  It’s been so long since I’ve just sat down and took some time to write and it’s so wonderful to FEEL again!

I knew it had been a long time since I’d written on here Continue reading


Depression and the Loss of an Entertainment Icon

Robin Williams

As the whole world mourns the loss of a great man, we are reminded of how precious life really is and how quickly it can be taken away.  I never met Robin Williams in person but, like many, I grew up watching him on TV and film.  He possessed such immense talent and versatility as a performer that you couldn’t help but be drawn to him, his characters, and his persona.  Many have said that he was like family to them, even though they had never met him.  Others feel, as I do, that a piece of their childhood was taken from them when Robin died.  His work went far beyond entertaining and his performances in movies like Dead Poets Society and Good Morning Vietnam literally changed the way I looked at the world.  Obviously a great deal of work goes into TV shows and films and much credit goes to the screenwriter as well as other staff but when an actor’s performance brings a story to life in a way that poignantly affects your personal reality and shapes your mind, you know that actor possess immense talent.  Robin Williams possessed immense talent and I doubt anyone would debate me on that matter. Continue reading

Honor Thy Father & Mother – even in death

The church I regularly attend is doing a series on the 10 Commandments right now and a couple weeks ago the topic was the fifth commandment: Honor Thy Father and Mother. Had I actually been more prepared or aware I would have probably avoided attending that week’s service altogether, but I didn’t realize that was the topic until I arrived and was in my seat, fully committed to attendance. The gal that reads the announcements did her duty and then asked everyone to turn to their neighbor and tell them all about your parents. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to just walk out of the church. I turned to my best friend and told her that I’m not participating in that and I sat down, put my head down to avoid any eye contact with anyone and found something to do that made me look like I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve become pretty good at that kind of avoidance actually. There are quite a few situations that I can see coming from a mile away and know that they are something to be avoided because being present in them will lead to an awkward moment for myself and everyone else around me. This was one of those moments. Continue reading

Dream, Struggle, Victory


It’s been said that anything worth doing isn’t going to be easy and I believe that to be true.  Imagine the beautifully harmonious life we would all live if success and happiness were easily achieved!  It’s a fun dream to have that’s for sure, but a dream is all it is.  Success and happiness are measured differently by different people but I would venture a guess that there’s not a single person out there that has achieved their own version of either of these without going through a great deal of hard work, tragedy, sacrifice, and/or suffering to get there.  It makes you wonder if that saying and mindset goes along with the “only the strong survive” mantra as well.

It’s easy to get behind a dream, a vision of success and happiness, a goal of accomplishment and prosperity but to what extent do we stay on board with that dream, vision, and goal?  Continue reading

Lingering Memories

When loved ones pass, there’s always a lingering sense of loss that stays for months and even years after they are gone from this Earth.  There are things that occur in everyday living that remind us of our loved one and the fact that they are no longer with us.  After losing my father, it was difficult to go to weddings and see the father walk his daughter down the aisle knowing that I would never be able to share that experience with my father.  Continue reading

My Greatest Achievements


A person does so many things in their life, some big some small, some hold great meaning others are just fleeting moments of little to no significance.  Then there are other things, things that make life seem worthwhile.  You do something so incredible that you can die content afterward, knowing that you achieved greatness, within the context of your own life.  Continue reading

Introverted Love

They walked into the quaint bistro already deeply engrossed in conversation, pausing briefly to flash a familiar smile to the hostess as she directed them to their regular table near the window.  They continued their conversation as they settled into their seats.  Menus had been placed on their table but would never be opened.  Continue reading

A Story of Adoption – Come Full Circle

Thirty-five years ago today I was given a new life with a new family, and two young parents were given a miracle!  You may assume that I am referring to my birth but that’s not quite what I’m talking about.  It was more like a re-birth.  On March 1st, 1979 I was officially adopted by the only two people I have ever known as my parents.  I was blessed enough to have only spent 3 months in foster care before being given a new life with incredible parents and the coolest big brother ever!  Continue reading

The Other Side of Fear

I just returned from a weekend trip to a business conference.  I love to travel and would normally leap at the opportunity to take an 8-hour (one way) road trip and a weekend getaway.  However, there was more to this trip than just me, the open road, and a nice hotel room.  This trip was different and somewhat difficult for me.  I survived it though and came out of it a stronger and much more self-aware person. Continue reading

Why I Love the Olympics


For as long as I can remember, I have had a peculiar obsession with the Olympics.  The interest has only grown stronger as I grow older.  What makes my love of The Games even more odd is that I actually don’t like sports.  I played sports as a youth and though high school but, with the exception of volleyball, was never really that good at any of them.  I mostly played out of boredom.  I didn’t care so much for school in general and was a “country kid” that lived far away from any friends or traditional source of entertainment.  Continue reading